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About Us

We are cactus and succulent specialty growers

Rancho Vista Nursery has been a specialty grower of quality cactus and succulents for the wholesale nursery industry for nearly 40 years. Now open to the public! We grow more than 500 species of plants under 6 acres of greenhouse and 4 acres of outdoor landscape specimens. There are 10 sale houses of beautiful plants in the main nursery and the Farmstand is open on Saturdays and Sundays 8-3 with special pricing!

Cactus and Succulent Collections

Succulents are not only beautiful but uniquely drought tolerant

Every year we plant millions of cactus seed and succulent cuttings to produce some of the world's most exotic plants from the planet's most hostile environments.  We have sizes ranging from 2.5" to 5 gal. pots; 24" boxed specimens and thousands of 3-8' field grown columns.

Our Location

1430 Buena Vista Dr, Vista, CA 92081
Monday-Friday 7am-3pm (wholesale)
Sat-Sun 8 am-3pm (Farmstand)

We are situated in the ideal climate just north of San Diego in California where better light means better plants. We grow and ship year-round. Come see our great quality and extensive selection and meet our helpful customer service staff.

Let's grow something together!

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Growing high quality succulent plants is our top priority. We strive to provide the best products and most attentive service possible. California gardens call for beautiful drought-tolerant plants!


Succulent plants have a large following. Among the most famous collectors are Henry Huntington (Huntington Library and Garden) and Ganna Walska (Lotusland). You can visit their world class gardens in Pasadena and in Montecito, California. Most recently we noted the new and beautiful succulent gardens at Disneyland. You can follow our progress on Facebook as we update our gardens.

Today there is a growing appreciation for their unique beauty of form, color and texture. And their ability to store water makes them ideal as the plant most suited to a dry environment.


What's New?


Summer is here!
Time to plant!

Here in San Diego county the weather is warming up in our gardens. Succulents and cactus are the best drought-tolerant plants to use in the landscape or in pots. Come see our large inventory of landscape plants -- you'll love the prices too!

Please note that in case of rain the Farmstand will be closed.

2018Labor Day

Farmstand News
Farmshop coming!

We are excited! Our Farmstand is expanding to include a Farmshop! Stay tuned for details of our grand opening. We are hoping to open around Labor Day.

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Our Manager

1430 Buena Vista Dr, Vista, CA
Phone: 760/726-7786

Fax: 760/726-9755


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Rancho Vista Nursery

We're not just growers but curators of one of the largest collections of succulent plants in the world.